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May 2017

Who Plays or Doesn't Play Squash?

Recent reports show New Zealanders are turning off sport. Once your club knows who it has and who it doesn't have, getting people to play becomes easier. Learn how you can do a membership gap analysis for your club and find out how you can use challenges within your clubs to drive participation and engagement the fun way.

Event previews and windups

There has been some excitement over the past few months with more to come in both local and international events. Check out the latest announcements:

  • Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers New Zealand International Classic PSA Draws set. Click here
  • Cousins Shield and Mitchell Cup Draws Huge Numbers. Click here
  • Debutants Iraq, Israel & Jamaica Join 28 Nations In Men's World Championship In France. Click here
  • World Doubles Championships Attract 12 Nations. Click here
  • Larkin and Landers-Murphy Claim Gibson O’Connor North Shore Open and PSA Titles. Click here
  • Squash New Zealand Announces World Junior Championships Representatives. Click here

Record Numbers of Coaches Are Taking a Step on National Coaching Pathway

Your athletes want to know they are getting the best which is why more than 300 people have gained a national coaching qualification already this year. A range of new modules have recently been released to keep up with the advances in trends, techniques and skill development. Learn more and lift everyone around you.

Rule of the month

This month we look at one of the simpler rules, but are you aware of what to call as a fault? It seems pretty simple but this rule might surprise you. If you think you can nail that rule, then sit our free online referee exam.

Planning for the Future

Like it or not, strategic planning and culture building are essential parts of good governance and a key responsibility for leaders within a squash club. Both play a critical part in giving long-term direction and a reference point for decision making over time. Your club's plan should be clear about the club's path and prioritise outcomes. Learn more about how you can run effective meetings.

World Junior Championships May Update

A lot has been happening over the past month in the lead-up to the World Junior Championships in Tauranga. The countdown is on, with only 48 days to go until the Opening Ceremony. Check out what has been going on and how you can be involved here.

Turn your Facility into an Asset

Having quality places to play squash that meet the needs of kiwis is important. Learn what options you have when repairing your court walls, how you can use signage to create a 'WOW' club and pull members and visitors inside and what you can do to generate income from your club's building.

Upcoming Events 2017

Are you aware of all the events you can enter over the coming months? Check out the event details below and enter today:

  • Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers, New Zealand International Classic PSA / North Island Championships 2017: 9-11 June. Click here
  • ILT - Community Trust New Zealand Southern Invercargill Open PSA: 15-18 June. Click here
  • Matamata PSA: 16-18 June. Click here
  • New Zealand Senior National Individual Championships: 30 June-2 July. Click here
  • AD Long Masters Club Team Championships: 7-9 July. Click here
  • South Island Junior Age Group Championships: 8-10 July. Click here
  • New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships: 4-6 August. Click here
  • SuperChamps District Eliminations: 11-13 August. Click here
  • Anchor AIMS Games: 10-15 September. Click here

Other news

  • A new squash facility is around the corner. Find out more
  • Are you up to date with Health and Safety in your club? Find out more
  • Do you want to compete in the Oceania Closed Championships? Find out more
  • Discover some of the best stretches to help lift your squash game. Find out more
  • Did you see the latest May Ranking list? Find out more
  • How does alcohol affect your squash performance? Find out more
  • Want to attend the 2018 World Masters Championships? Find out more

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