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March 2017

So what's happening out there?

Understanding how people are choosing to play squash is an important part of growing the game in terms of both membership and casual participants. See the latest participation trends in squash and how the game is evolving in New Zealand.

Coach development activity continues to boast impressive results

The past few months have seen an unprecedented number of coach development opportunities been offered throughout the country. Already 35 module courses have been facilitated by the trained CoachForce and another 20 coaches have completed the two free online modules. 22 coaches recently attended the National Coaching Conference in Hamilton and the new Coaching Diary initiative has been launched - to popular feedback.

Kiwis competing overseas

It has been a big month for our kiwi players overseas with Paul Coll making his way to the semi-final of the Canary Wharf Classic and both he and Joelle King competed in the British Open. Check out Paul's results here and the British Open here. Joelle's results from the British Open can be found here.

Turn your squash facility into a proud asset

Faced with challenging times, few squash clubs have the funds available to upgrade their facilities. However, there are a few easy steps your club can take to ensure these assets are maintained and enhanced for years to come to keep people loving it. Find out more

2017 Executive Travel Trans-Tasman Team announced

The 2017 Executive Travel Trans-Tasman Team to compete against Australia at the Henderson Squash Club from 18-19 April has been announced. Check out who will be defending the title here.

Rule of the month

This month we look at one of the trickier rules in the rulebook - turning. This can catch a lot of people out but hopefully this will give you a bit more of an idea what turning looks like and how to rule on it. If you think you can nail that rule, then sit our free online exam here.

World Junior Championships March Update

With just over three months to go until the World Junior Championships begin, the three host clubs are well underway with renovations to their clubs with all set to welcome international competitors. This, alongside the New Zealand Classic which is set to run at the same time, is a massive occasion for the Bay of Plenty. Check out the New Zealand Classic and the latest on the upgrades here.

Court bookings made easy

New Zealand's free online squash court booking system is everything your club needs so your members can book a court at their fingertips. Check when courts are available and book a space. Take the next steps and you can enter the facility with ease, and pay for your court in comfort. Find out more

Other News

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