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Refereeing and referees form a critical part of the squash landscape in New Zealand. Referees from across the country at all levels donate their time and knowledge to referee squash at all levels helping to ensure a fair match for all competitors whilst getting one of the best seats in the house.

Awards Categories

Nominations for the following refereeing categories are welcomed from all clubs, players, coaches and fellow referees. Please provide a description of the referees achievements and contributions based on the following critera. 

The Derek Cook Memorial Trophy

The Derek Cook Memorial Trophy was donated by Kelvin Harding in 1981, following the death of Derek Cook. Both Cook and Harding were A grade players from the Wellington district (Harding lived in Masterton), were good mates, and renowned for their fun-loving approach to life. When he died, Cook had also become a leading contributor to refereeing in New Zealand - one of few top players to contribute in this way.

Joseph Romanos, author of Long or Short, had this to say about Cook: "Cook had taken up squash in 1963 when growing up in Oamaru. He moved to Wellington in 1969, on a job transfer with Shell Oil.  However, he soon found the job rather tedious. The challenges of running an escort agency and then being a private detective were more to his liking".

This trophy focuses on the contribution to others in refereeing through training, assessment, encouragement, promotion or rules knowledge.

Awarded for one or more of, but not limited to:

  • Significant contribution to referee training
  • Significant contribution to referee assessment
  • Significant contribution to local referee improvement
  • Significant contribution through rules advice and interpretation
  • Significant contribution through voluntary referee administration
  • Significant effort in referee recruitment or advancement
  • Significant effort in mentoring referees
  • Significant promotion of refereeing
  • Commitment to enhancing referee reputation and status through behaviour modelling
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge and experience
  • Exceptional and appropriate interaction with players and other referees

The Referees Trophy for Personal Endeavour

This trophy focuses on a referee’s own achievement, improvement, effort, knowledge or ability.

Awarded for one or more of, but not limited to:

  • An exceptional achievement
  • The most improved referee over a season
  • Significant improvement or achievement beyond current level
  • Significant effort to improve own competency
  • Significant appointment to referee internationally beyond current level (either within or outside of New Zealand)
  • Significant improvement in status
  • Exceptional assessment record
  • Exceptional knowledge gained or displayed

Judging Criteria

Referees will be judged on the criteria listed above. The recipients are selected by the National Referee Management Panel (or other panel if deemed necessary) and the award is presented at the National Awards Dinner.

2021 Winner

The Derek Cook Memorial Trophy Recipient: Chris Buckland

Previous Winners

Year Derek Cook Memorial Trophy Winner
2020 John Fletcher, Auckland 
2019 Janet Udy, Canterbury 
2018 Mike Jack, Kawaroa Park
2017 Chris Buckland, Ashburton
2016 Jackie Hamilton, Cromwell
2015 Glenn Carson, Hamilton
2014 Glenn Carson, Hamilton
2013 Chris Buckland, Ashburton
2012 Glenn Carson, Hamilton
2011 Joss Urbahn, Palmerston North
2010 Chris Buckland, Ashburton
2009 Sandra Tinkler, Manurewa
2008 Chris Buckland, Ashburton
2007 Jan McAra, Invercargill
2006 Joss Urbahn, Palmerston North
2005 Phil Morgan, Burnside
2004 Ian Gardiner, Burnside
2003 Doug Flint, Eden-Epsom
2002 Nichol Taylor, Timaru
2001 Sandra Tinkler, Wellington
2000 Joss Urbahn, Palmerston North
1999 Gavin Whyte, Auckland
1998 Sandra Tinkler, Wellington
1997 Gavin Whyte, Auckland
1996 Joss Urbahn, Palmerston North
1995 Gavin Whyte, Auckland
1994 Doug Flint, Eden-Epsom
1993 David Toomey, Auckland
1992 Greg Kelly, Hamilton
1991 Kaye Jackson, Warkworth
1990 Gavin Whyte, Christchurch
1989 Gary Hutchison, Christchurch
1988 John Haines, Hamilton
1987 John Taylor, Auckland
1986 Chas Evans, Upper Hutt
1985 Dennis Winch, Wellington
1984 John Taylor, Auckland
1983 Peter Highsted, Tawa
1982 Lester Bowden, Nelson
1981 Dennis Winch, Wellington

2021 Winner

The Referees Trophy for Personal Endeavour: Janet Udy, Canterbury 

Previous Winners


Referees Trophy for Personal Endeavour
2020 Wayne Smith
2019 Paul Kennett
2018 Jackie Hamilton, Cromwell 
2017 Paul Kennett, Hamilton



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