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Kiwi Squash is Squash New Zealand's official junior squash programme for 5-12 year olds. To start a lifelong involvement in squash, an engaging and inclusive programme has been created that is at the right level for the players at each stage of their development. Conducted in a safe environment, it uses activities and games to provide fun and enjoyable learning and participation experiences for young people.

Press Play: Kiwi Squash Small Nix

Press Play: Kiwi Squash Big Nix

Insights and advice

Discover the secrets to making the most of Kiwi Squash. Find out more

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Implementation support pack

The following documents will also help ensure you effectively create sustainable Kiwi Squash programmes and strong club-school links.

Frequently asked questions

Why should squash clubs offer junior programmes?
Running a junior club programme can lead to:

  • Increased membership (juniors and their families)
  • Increased revenue from increased membership
  • Off-set ageing membership and securing the club’s future
  • Increase in quality of club representative players
  • More youthful and vibrant club environment
  • Today’s juniors will be tomorrow’s adult members and volunteer club personnel
  • Increase club cohesiveness and loyalty through members supporting developing juniors
  • Improve adult members behaviour and etiquette on and off the court

How can clubs use Kiwi Squash?
Kiwi Squash can be used to create quality local sporting opportunities in a number of ways:

  • As a junior club programme.
  • As a holiday programme.
  • As part of club open days.
  • As a fun get together for families.
  • As a school programme.

Kiwi Squash equipment

Age-appropriate balls and rackets are the key to successful Kiwi Squash programmes, making it easier for children to pick up skills and have fun. Improve your programme with our equipment solutions.

Become a Kiwi Squash coach

Any parent, teacher, coach, student, or other volunteer can deliver Kiwi Squash. The only recommendation is to attend a Kiwi Squash Coaching module. This is a simple short introduction to coaching the programme that will give you the information and resources you need to go out and deliver a fun experience. On completing the course parents can get access to all the Kiwi Squash Coaching Resources.

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