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2017 Annual Awards - Club and School Coach of the Year Part 2

We continue to take a look at the Club and School Coach of the Year in preparation for the 2017 Annual Awards that will take place on 25th November, 6.30pm at JetPark in Auckland.

The nominations for the Club and School Coach of the Year are

  • Nicol Bekker
  • John Brown
  • Adam Odering
  • Keri & Krystal Rhodes
  • Karen Roberts
  • Jarrod van Driel
  • Manu Yam

To be eligible for the Club and School Coach of the Year the coach must be working with junior or senior athletes in a club or school setting (this could include coaching individuals, junior programmes, beginner coaching, schools coaching and graded teams).

When deciding a judging panel considers the following:

  • Coach development - number of modules attended and other learning opportunities taken
  • Coach activity - number of hours coached and types of programmes / services offered
  • Athlete outcomes - evidence of improving players / teams performances to achieve results
  • Coach's impact - influence that the coach has had on participation / membership

The second finalist is Adam Odering. Adam is a member of the Christchurch Football Squash Club and the 2016 Club and School Coach of the Year.

Adam has been a Coach Force Coach Developer this year running four short coaching courses. Adam has also worked with a number of our up and coming players to provide them with other coaching opportunities at the Football Squash Club including Emma Cormack, Charlie Barker, Sam McCarroll and Jayden Millard.

Adam this year was selected as the South Island Representative within the National Junior Selector panel, and has been working actively with Midlands Squash to help improve the junior squash in the region.

Adam runs the Christchurch Football Squash Club’s Junior programme every Wednesday, which attracts 45+ juniors split across three groups. The Football Squash Club has 1 hour coaching available for all new members which Adam co-ordinates.

Adam also provides individual coaching. He has coached 6 nationally ranked players from the Football Squash Club, being Emma Cormack, Ruby Turnbull, Petra Curd-McCullough, Caitlin Millard, Grace Allen and Jack Lamb, as well as these players winning other titles. He has also coached NZ Master Representative and 2017 Australian Masters 65+ winner Wayne Seebeck.

Adam ran fitness sessions at the Football Squash club at the beginning of the year, prior to the main squash season starting, and a lot of members are keenly looking forward to the next fitness sessions being held. Adam has also taken on the administrator role at the club so has more involvement with the members with regards to both coaching requirements and options for in-house competitions so the Club is keen to trial his up-coming initiatives to keep our members playing squash especially outside of inter-club and tournaments.

Congratulations Adam on being a finalist in the Club and School Coach of the Year Award.

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