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Day 2 New Zealand Junior Age Groups Complete

It has been another big day of matches at Burnside Squash Club and Squash HQ in the 2017 New Zealand Junior Age Group Championships with only a couple of upsets along the way.

In the Under 11 Girls all 4 top seeds have progressed through to the semi-finals, and it was the same for the Under 11 Boys. In the Under 13 Girls and Boys the top 4 seeds have also made their way through to the semi-finals. The Under 15 Girls has also seen the top 4 players proceed through to the semi-finals.

The Boys Under 15 play their quarter final matches this morning and their semi-finals tonight. So far there has not been any upsets to the seeded players with all of them proceeding through as expected. The Girls Under 17 wasn’t going to buck the trend with all top 4 players progressing through to the semi-finals safely. It was the Boys Under 17 where the excitement kicked in with 6th seed Mitchell White taking out 3rd seed Campbell Webster to secure his spot in the top 4 and a chance at the title. White has made it through to the semi-finals where he will play 2nd seed Willz Donnelly whilst the top half of the draw will see 1st seed Glenn Templeton take on 4th seed Kobe Fleming.

The Boys Under 19 Draw saw the top 3 seeds Matthew Lucente, Gabe Yam and Lwamba Chileshe take their spots in the semi-final whilst 5th seed Mitchell Kempton had to overcome 4th seed Quinn Udy to make his way into the semi-finals. Kempton will now take on Lucente whilst Yam will take on Chileshe. The Girls Under 19 saw all top 4 players progress into the semi-finals where a new name will be engraved on the trophy on Sunday.

Updated draws can be found on the Junior Nationals page here 

There will be livestreaming of 1 court today from 9:40am. The livestreaming link can be found here or below in this article. The full list of livestreamed matches is below:

9:40am – Girls Under 13 – Semi-Final – Sophie Hodges vs Moriya Karati
10:20am – Girls Under 13 – Semi-Final - Petra Curd-McCullough vs Ella Lash
11am – Boys Under 13 – Semi-Final – Apa Fatialofa vs Tom Marshall
11:40pm – Boys Under 13 – Semi-Final – Freddie Jameson vs Noah Thomas
12:20pm – Girls Under 15 – Semi-Final – Natalie Sayes vs Dileesia Henare
1pm - Girls Under 15 – Semi-Final – Manaia Peeti vs Jena Gregory
1:40pm - Boys Under 17 – Semi-Final – Glenn Templeton vs Kobe Fleming
2:20pm - Boys Under 17 – Semi-Final – Mitchell White vs Willz Donnelly
3pm – Boys Under 19 – Semi-Final - Matthew Lucente vs Mitchell Kempton
3:40pm - Boys Under 19 – Semi-Final – Lwamba Chileshe vs Gabe Yam
4:20pm - Girls Under 19 – Semi-Final – Kaitlyn Watts vs Zoe Dykzeul
5pm - Girls Under 19 – Semi-Final – Rhiarne Taiapa vs Nadia Hubbard
5:40pm – Girls Under 17 – Semi-Final – Anika Jackson vs Annaleise Faint
6:20pm – Girls Under 17 – Semi-Final - Georgia Robcke vs Winona-Jo Joyce
7pm – Boys Under 15 Semi-Final
7:40pm – Boys Under 15 Semi-Final

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