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A lot of hard work by both paid and volunteer staff goes in to keeping your club facilities looking good, training people and offering quality programmes. All of these tasks are supported by your club’s income - the vast majority coming from your customers (members). Without them your club won’t exist.

Both your existing and future members will make decisions based on the experiences they have had, as well as what others say to them. If your members don’t feel like they are getting good value for service - they will not renew. They will take their money elsewhere and it is extremely likely that they will tell others about it too - leaving your club with less people to support it. Helping your current members understand what you have to offer will make it easier for them to not only set their expectations, but be able to better ‘sell’ to prospective members.

What are our programme offerings about and how can we best promote these to different people?

Run an interactive club meeting. Introduce the goals for each activity and give members a copy of the programme features and benefits, programme descriptions (the essence) and who the main target market is for each programme.

You could organise some drills. Put people in groups and give them time to come up with answers on the following. Ask each group to present and provide feedback as necessary.

Drill 1: Benefits Drill 2: Selling Drill 3: Scenarios Drill 4: Objections Drill 5: Questions

List the exercise properties in the programme.

List the appropriate benefits.

Provide reasons on how to get new people to try it.

Provide reasons on how to get existing members who already participate in club activities.

Provide explanations on why the programme should be done and how this is different to other programmes.

Discuss the different member types (demographics) within your club.

Discuss what information you would give to each different (type of) member to motivate them to participate?

Discuss challenges that could come up:

- Members do not understand why they should pay to take part.

- Why the programme is only x weeks in length.

- Members think the programme is too hard and not sure if they should do it.

Frequently asked questions:

- How much?

- Where and how can I book / pay?

- Who are the coaches?

- Where will the programme be run?

- How many people can participate?

Giving your members reasons to talk about your club will mean you’re more likely to capture their peer group as well. This can help your club grow (and retain) and will certainly cost you less on marketing.

For more ideas on marketing your club click here

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