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5 benefits of having a squash buddy

Squash Buddy

Research has shown that people who play squash in a group setting are far more likely to stick at it than those who go it alone.

Here are five benefits of having a squash buddy or lots of squash buddies:

  1. They will motivate you to keep going and to not give up. A buddy will cheer you on to find focus and to keep striving to be your best.
  2. Squash matches are a whole lot more fun if there is someone to share the sweat, tears, laughter, ups and downs, and triumphs with along the way.
  3. You will hold each other accountable. When you are tempted to hit that snooze button in the morning, or skip that game after work, then you will have second thoughts about doing a "no-show" - because if you don't turn up you let yourself down AND someone else down.
  4. You will play harder - because you will help to keep each other honest during the game!
  5. You get a social pick-me-up. Connecting with others is uplifting and creates positive feelings. So, it makes the idea of squash appealing if you get to see someone who makes you smile.

To find your nearest squash court so you and your buddies can play click here

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