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Looking outside to be better inside

Learning from fitness

During the 1980’s it was squash but now studies show that fitness gyms are the fastest growing sports clubs in the world. So what do squash clubs need to do to keep up with the play?

How to make your club stand out

Club Stand Out

Do you have an inspiring environment? Do you have friendly members to welcome new participants? Do you coach people on how to get started the smart way? Do you have great programmes to engage them in?

Business opportunities for squash clubs

Pro shop

More and more clubs worldwide are giving their members a total experience by providing them with everything they need in one place.

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Squash Finder Brief

Court locator

Find your nearest court to have a hit or join a club.

Become a Coach Brief

Become a coach

Join 1,500 others and help other people fall in love with squash.

Livestream Brief

Watch squash

See squash anytime, anywhere through our livestreaming.


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