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National Event Hosting information

Below is a list of various information regarding hosting National Events.

Rotation Schedule

All National Events are rotated annually through the districts on an 11 year cycle. This will mean that every District will host a National Event each year, and ensure that all National Events are accessible to all squash players on a regular basis. Districts are able to 'opt out' of hosting a particular event in any given year.

Hosting fees were introduced from 2015 for the financially lucrative events with the revenue from these fees used to support the hosts of events requiring significant prize money. Make sure you check out the Schedule of Event Fees.

National Event Memorandum of Understanding

Squash New Zealand signs MOUs with each of the national event host clubs in the season prior to hosting an event. 

These Memoranda of Understanding formalise the expectations for each party (Squash New Zealand and the host club), and detail what each must do. However, it is important to remember that we are here to help, and if any guidance / help is needed, a club only has to ask. 


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