Senior Events

Below are a list of events which exist for all men and women to play and compete in during the squash season. Squash New Zealand, in partnership with host clubs, organises these events each year and each event has slightly different regulations. Check out the details on the event, upcoming event details, results, rules, past winners and how to host them below.

Snr Nats 2017

New Zealand Senior Nationals - Individual Championships

The New Zealand Senior National Individual Championships are contested annually, and represent the pinnacle of national competition for New Zealand players. The event is closed to international players - only New Zealand residents may enter. Since 1932 the men have played for the Riddiford Gold Cup, while the women have competed for the Mitchell Rose Bowl since 1951. The event is rich in heritage and history - the honours roll is a genuine who's who of New Zealand Squash.
Central Senior Nats

New Zealand Senior National Inter-District Team Championships

The New Zealand Senior Inter-District Teams Championship event was introduced in 1972. The MC Day Cup (Men) and the KA Mackwell Cup (Women) are fiercely contested by teams of four players from each district. This is another event that is rich with heritage and parochial pride.  

Mitchell Cup

Cousins Shield and Mitchell Cup

The Cousins Shield and Mitchell Cup are the premier club teams events for men and women respectively in New Zealand squash. Highly sought after, these awards have been contested since 1948 (Cousins Shield) and 1958 (Mitchell Cup). The Cousins Shield event pits teams of five men per club against other clubs. The club that wins three or more matches wins the tie. The Mitchell Cup follows the same format, but has variously been contested by teams of four or five players in different years.



The District SuperChamps events are played to identify the strongest club in the respective district for each grade. The National SuperChamps events are played to identify the strongest club from each district for each grade. Teams are composed of five players, of the same sex, from the same club, who are of the same or a lower grade (B, C, D, E and F/J). At the District SuperChamps clubs in a single district play off to find the District Champion in each grade. The District Champion is then eligible to travel to the National SuperChamps finals to play off for the national title representing their club and their district.


New Zealand Tertiary Teams Championship

The Tertiary Teams Challenge started in 2014 and sees teams of 4 players (male, female or mixed) graded or social, who all belong to the same Tertiary Institute battling out to be the best Tertiary Team. Tertiaries play ties against each other in round-robin and/or knockout format to decide the winner. 

nz dUBS 2017

New Zealand Doubles Championships

The New Zealand Doubles Championships have been contested since 2011. The event began with just Men's, Women's and Mixed draws however in 2013 there saw the addition of a Men's and Women's over 35 and a Men's over 50. 


Champion of Champions

The Champion of Champions ran for the first time in 2012. The format is similar to that of the Super Champs, but played on an individual basis. District Champion of Champions events will be held in each district, where entrants will play off for the title of District Champion for each grade (A-F, men and women). These champions will also earn the right to represent their district at the National Champion of Champions event, at which the eleven District Champions in each grade will fight for the title of Champion of Champions in their grade.

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Historical Events

NI Champs 2017

North Island Senior Championships

The North Island Championships are contested annually, and are the premier North-Island based national event on the calendar. Men play for the Wyndham Hooper Memorial Cup, and Women contest the Hamilton Club Cup.

SI Champs 2017

South Island Senior Championships

The South Island Championships are contested annually, and are the premier South-Island based national event on the calendar. Women play for the K Hargreaves Trophy, and Men for the Les Milne trophy.

Under 23s

New Zealand Under 23 Championships

The Under 23 National Championships were played in 2014 for the first time in more than 20 years. Men compete for the Fleming-Vatuvei Cup and Women the Under 23 Women's Champion Trophy. 

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