Coaching Pathway

Coaching is all about sharing knowledge, experience, making squash fun and helping others to reach their potential. Anyone can become a squash coach. All you need is a keen interest in the game of squash, the right attitude and a willingness to work with others to learn and build a positive environment. Regardless of who you want to coach, our framework will help you be the best coach you can be and you’ll gain with the knowledge and tools you need to provide world-class squash experiences every time.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... and you're away!

Coaching Pathway

Step 1: Find

Once you have identified the community of players you want to work with, contact your nearest squash club, regional District Association or other facility to find out what opportunities exist.

Step 2: Learn

Do the two free interactive and online extension modules to get started on your coaching journey. Discover 'How to Coach' then receive hands-on guidance from trained and experienced CoachForce learning facilitators through our range of modules to gain the tools and techniques you need to create quality squash sessions every time.

Step 3: Coach

As soon as you have upskilled in the relevant modules you can start coaching your own sessions. Congratulations! You are officially part of the 1,400+ strong Squash Coaches Network that are helping people to 'Try it. Play it. and Love it.' throughout New Zealand.

Purchase our world-class coaching resources (programme manuals and DVDs) to support your development and take your coaching to the next level.

Step 4: Grow

Don't rest there. The learning never stops and the opportunities are endless. Upskill in additional modules, connect at coaching conferences, share information and ideas in the coaches online forum, listen to another coach, observe another coach in action, or have a coach observe you coaching. Continue growing your talents and broaden your horizons by coaching different squash players and programmes.

You could also upload a video (Dropbox) of yourself coaching and receive some personalised feedback for further development ideas.


Join the squash CoachForce network, give back to squash and earn additional income by facilitating coach learning modules and providing other development opportunities for coaches.


Trainers are elite squash coach developers who are selected to educate, train and motivate the aspiring CoachForce and / or selected high performance coaches. There are only a handful of Trainers nationally. To secure the role of a Trainer you need to be appointed by Squash New Zealand.


Be on the Coaching Advisory Panel and provide advice and input on all coaching matters as per the Strategic Coaching Plan to pursue the highest standard possible. Panel members also assess RPL submissions to ensure national standards are met.

Record of learning - your 'Coaching Diary'

You can record all the learning you have ever done as a coach in your online 'Coaching Diary'. Find out more

Want to be the best coach you can be?

Take your coaching from good to great with a coach development module here.


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