Coach Development

Module 16: National Squad

This coach learning module is available (by invitation only) for selected coaches and gives the tools, resources and information needed to develop and support their elite senior athletes, who are either competing, or about to compete in a World Championships or Major Games.

Completion of Module 15: World Junior Squads.

Content covered

  • Statistical analysis of high performance squash
  • Squads structuring and talent development systems
  • Individual high performance player development within squads
  • Campaign planning themes and culture building
  • Building trust with athletes
  • Managing wider support networks
  • Monitoring athlete progress and performance
  • Coach well-being at high performance events and overseas
  • Doubles squash tactics
  • Major event preparation, rules, regulations and review processes

At the completion of the National Squad Module you will be assessed on culture building and squad planning aspects of high performance coaching for elite senior athletes. Find out more

Resources received
Coaches who attend will receive a special National Squad Module 16 pack which includes a resource booklet with relevant information and coaching ideas. Coaches can also access the Coaching sections on the Squash NZ website for further resources, development and networking opportunities.

National Squad Mod 16

2-3 days (by invitation only)

This coach learning module is provided by Squash New Zealand using accredited Trainers.

To be determined and are dependent on factors such as cost of resources, Trainer fees, facility and equipment hire costs.

Qualifications gained
Coaches who attend will be recorded on the Squash New Zealand iSquash database as having completed and received the "National Squad" Module 16 Qualification.

At the completion of the National Squad Module you will be assessed on culture building, squad planning and athlete monitoring aspects of high performance coaching for elite senior athletes.

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