National Awards

National Coaching Awards

Coaching and coaches form a critical part of the squash landscape in New Zealand. Coaches from across the country at all levels donate their time and knowledge to allow athletes to not only improve their game but to also to enjoy the game to its potential.

Established in 2002, the Squash New Zealand National Coaching Awards recognise the hard work and endeavour that coaches put in on a weekly basis.

Awards Categories

There are three award categories which are aligned with the National Coach Development Framework:

  • New Coach of the Year: a coach who has been coaching for 2 years or less at any level.
  • Club and School Coach of the Year:  a coach who is working with junior or senior athletes in a club or school setting (this could include coaching individuals, junior programmes, beginner coaching, schools coaching and graded teams).
  • Performance Coach of the Year: a coach who is working with athletes at a District Representative Level or above, and / or working with a District Performance Squad.

Judging Criteria

When deciding a judging panel considers the following:

  • Coach development - number of modules attended and other learning opportunities taken
  • Coach activity - number of hours coached and types of programmes / services offered
  • Athlete outcomes - evidence of improving players / teams performances to achieve results
  • Coach's impact - influence that the coach has had on participation / membership

2017 Nominations

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2016 Winners

New Coach of the Year: Kylie Lindsay (Bay of Plenty)

This year Kylie was accepted into the year-long Sport New Zealand Coach Advance Programme and won a Sport Bay of Plenty scholarship. She has coached 15-20 hours a week consisting of a range of individual and group programmes at all levels. Some significant achievements of athletes included Amanda Landers-Murphy winning Queensland Open, Emma Millar being selected for NZ Women’s Team, Nadia Hubbard finishing 2nd at NZ Junior Under 17, Bay of Plenty senior women’s team finished 2nd at Nationals and a number of juniors who were part of National C, D and E grade winning teams.

New Coach 2016 Kylie Lindsay

Club and School Coach of the Year: Adam Odering (Canterbury)

Adam has provided around 20 hours of coaching each week for all levels and ages, including individual and group sessions. His junior squad programme reached 50+ players consistently throughout the year (a 17.5% increase on the previous year). He has offered a new introductory programme which had 20+ attend each week. His athletes have also achieved various successes including winning titles at Canterbury age groups and a couple of players now achieving ‘A’ grade 

Club School Coach 2016 Adam Odering

Performance Coach of the Year: Paul Hornsby (Auckland)

During 2016 Paul has coached 6 athletes in the North Shore Academy with all showing marked improvements in grading over past 12 months – all improved between 300 and 1000 points. Paul also works with top athletes on a weekly basis at the National Squash Centre and has been utilised by other Districts during the year. He was also coach of the NZ Junior Boys team that finished ahead of their seeding in Poland. 

Performance Coach 2016 Paul Hornsby

Previous Winners

Year New Coach of the Year Club and School Coach of the Year Performance Coach of the Year
2016 Kylie Lindsay, Bay of Plenty Adam Odering, Canterbury Paul Hornsby, Auckland
2015 Keri Rhodes, Northland Manu Yam, Auckland Mike Allred, Canterbury
2014 Sally Stantiall, Central Graeme Randolph, Bay of Plenty Kashif Shuja, Central
2013 Jarrod van Driel, Brown's Bay Paul Roughan, Marlborough SRC Robbie Wyatt, Bay of Plenty
2012 Stu Fraser, Eden-Epsom Murray Sutherland, Hawkes Bay SRC Carol Owen, Eden-Epsom / Auckland
2011 Nirelle McDonald, Northland Nick Wiffen, Wellington Mark Waldin, Auckland
2010 Jason Wilson, Canterbury Jared Gravatt, Northland Joanne Williams, Waikato

The awards were changed in 2010 to align with the new National Coach Development Framework. 

Year Coach of the Year Junior Coach of the Year Team Coach of the Year
2009 Manu Yam, Belmont Park Paul Cornish, Devonport Mike Allred, Canterbury
2008 Keith Redman, Hawkes Bay Grant Watts and Karl Fraser, SquashGym Palmerston North Lyndon Templeton, Katikati
2007 Julie Hawkes, Auckland Matthew Ellis, Waikato
2006 Tanya Colyer, Taupo Bill Berry, Malvern Graham Brownrigg, Geyser City
2005 Danny McQueen, Geyser City Jenny Bell, Cambridge Shannon Patangata, Edgecumbe
2004 Edmund Bradford, Surf City Christine Barnett, Mitchell Park Peter Simpson, Palmerston North
2003 Nick Mita, Christchurch Marilyn Kennedy, Cambridge
2002 Mark Gribben, Otago Brett Watene and Charlie Moeke, Whakatane Paul Kenny, Wanganui


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