National Awards

Personality of the Year

A Personality of the Year has been awarded by Squash New Zealand since 1974. The award recognises contribution to squash in New Zealand either as a player, administrator or supporter of squash.

Judging Criteria

The Award is chosen annually by the Squash New Zealand Board and awarded at / around the Annual General Meeting. 

When deciding the Board look for outstanding individual qualities such as leadership, inspiration, dedication and passion and / or personal characteristics that might set them apart from others, either by their deeds or achievements. It can include philanthropic endeavours and other contributions (e.g. a benefactor).

2017 Winner

Personality of the Year: Wayne Werder - Bay of Plenty

This year’s award goes to someone who has been a NZ representative player, a leader, an administrator as well as an event-builder.

In April 2017 Tauranga hosted the World Junior Squash Championships – the first time a world championship event had been held in the city. It required a huge team effort to put the event together and deliver what was without doubt the best ever world junior championships the world squash community has ever seen. It also required someone to lead the event from start to finish - to oversee the operations, to engage with the local community, to raise the necessary funds, to provide the drive, enthusiasm and professionalism to ensure the event was delivered to highest possible standard.

Wayne Werder is a member of the Devoy Squash & Fitness Centre, BOP Squash community, and the NZ Squash community who has contributed at all levels over the years both regionally and nationally.

Wayne was appointed Chairman of the organising committee for the World Junior Championships held in Tauranga in 2017. For two years he worked tirelessly behind the scenes in what was a fully voluntary role.

As Chairman of the committee Wayne was the key driver for the event.

He was involved in every aspect of the organization, securing funding (approx $750K budget) - Managing budgets - Liaising with WSF - Recruiting staff & volunteers- Managing staff - Running countless meetings - Looking after sponsors/partners- Dealing with suppliers/contractors- Communication with all stakeholders - Liaising with host clubs - Referee recruitment and management- Logistics support – airfares/accommodation etc - Handling entries - Overseeing Opening Ceremony - Overseeing draws - Arranging functions - Media responsibilities - Reporting

His passion and determination to deliver a world class event was clear. He wasn’t prepared to compromise his vision, and a World Class Event we did have.

Wayne Werder and Susan Devoy 2017


Previous Winners

Year Personality of the Year
2017 Wayne Werder - Bay of Plenty
2016 Paul Coll, Squashways Canterbury
2015 Paul Coll, Squashways Canterbury
2014 Joelle King, Cambridge
2013 Joelle King, Cambridge
2012 Butch Gifford, Morrinsville and Waikato
2011 Don Cotter, Auckland
2010 Joelle King, Cambridge
2009 Shelley Kitchen, Herne Bay
2008 Susie Simcock, Remuera
2007 Aileen Buscke, Remuera
2006 Shelley Kitchen, Browns Bay
2005 Rob Walker, Club Kelburn
2004 Tamsyn Leevey, Wainuiomata
2003 Carol Owens, Eden-Epsom
2002 Susie Simcock, Remuera
2001 Paul Steel, Whakatane
2000 Leilani Joyce (nee Marsh), North Shore
1999 Trevor Johnston, Ashburton
1998 Chas Evans, Upper Hutt
1997 Leilani Joyce (nee Marsh), North Shore
1996 Susie Simcock, Remuera
1995 Jade Wilson, Palmerston North
1994 Paul Steel, Whakatane
1993 Paul Steel, Whakatane
1992 Susan Devoy, Henderson
1991 Susan Devoy, Henderson
1990 Susan Devoy, Henderson
1989 Susan Devoy, Henderson
1988 Susan Devoy, Henderson
1987 Susan Devoy, Henderson
1986 Ross Norman, Panmure
1985 Susan Devoy, Henderson
1984 Susan Devoy, Hamilton
1983 Susan Devoy, Hamilton
1982 Robyn Blackwood, North Shore
1981 Stuart Davenport, Havelock North
1980 Ross Norman, Panmure
1979 Murray Day, Hamilton
1978 Neven Barbour, Henderson
1977 Bruce Brownlee, Geyser City
1976 Bruce Brownlee, Geyser City
1975 Pam Buckingham, Panmure
1974 Trevor Johnston

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