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Court bookings made easy

Court Booking Pay2Play Squash

Whether you’ve realised that your members have busy schedules or you want to alleviate pressure on your volunteers, New Zealand’s free iSquash Online Booking System can save your club time and hassle.

Why you should become a squash club member

Squash Club Member

You've tried it and loved it – so what's the next step? Firstly, welcome and we're thrilled you're keen. There are heaps of ways to play squash which means there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Join the Squash Coaches Network and Share the Love

Join the Squash Coaches Network

Help more people play, more often and with greater success.

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Squash Finder Brief

Court locator

Find your nearest court to have a hit or join a club.

Squash Programmes Brief

Squash programmes

Discover the best way to play for your squash goals.

Squash Movement Brief

The squash movement

Time to stop sitting still and start moving.


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